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Life should be as comforting and secure as curling up in your coziest pajamas with whatever relaxes you – a mother’s hug, a good book, songs on the radio, heart healthy wine, a snuggly three year old, understanding friends, a tender husband. Too often, though, life is stressful and less than comfortable, especially if you’re wrestling with food and life challenges of some sort or another.

Whether you’ve stumbled onto this site by accident or come here directly, Pajama Living is about helping you to find comfort in knowing that you can eat what you want despite food allergies or dietary restrictions and that you can live the life you want for yourself.

If you want to learn how to revamp your favorite baked goods’ recipes to accommodate dietary restrictions, food allergies or a healthier diet, you’ll find much of what you need to know about baking and how to turn your favorite recipes into better ones for your health.

If you’re just looking for something interesting to read that might encourage you about some aspect of life or give you food for thought, you’ll find poems, short stories, and narratives to peruse at your leisure.

Either way, I encourage you to begin your culinary and literary journey now!

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  1. whoa, after 1000 years of eating gluten I’m 8 weeks into a GF diet and feel more alert. Remembering so many GREAT muffin recipes at SBWC, Paula — THANKS!

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