About Paula

Paula was seven years old when she wrote her first poem. A neighbor’s flower garden had captivated her attention. Yellow Black-eyed Susans cavorting with purple Russian Sage and white Daisies tittering amongst each other had beckoned her merrily to come closer. As she watched butterflies dance in and out and around the flowers, a bubble of unexpected joy expanded within her, and suddenly she knew that she must capture that feeling before it burst.

43 years later she is still writing – not just poems, but short stories, novels, musicals, songs, anything which allows her to use her most loved medium – words. Paula is a writer who knows the benefits of writing through and in the midst of the challenges life has thrown her way.  Through the good and the bad, she’s found solace, encouragement and conviction through the experience of writing. To help others capture their inner writing muse, she co-founded Seven Bridge Writers’ Collaborative with friends and acted as the COO for eight years before accepting a position as the Campus Director for AoPS Academy Lexington, now working to help students express themselves through both written word and oral speech .

In her free time Paula is a cook and baker who believes anyone and everyone can learn how to create recipes for their particular dietary needs if they just have the information they need to do so.  She has years of experience in how to “cook with nothing”, as her children refer to her baking.  When she realized her choices were to either give up cake or learn to make one with no wheat, dairy, eggs or sugar, the decision was simple. And now she shares the result of that choice with others through her blog and baking workshops.