Spring Thoughts

Spring Thoughts

The mystery of Spring lies in the Winter that must be:
Old leaves falling to make room for new;
Bulbs hibernating to become the flowers we see;
Waning cold nights leading to morning dew.
The mystery of Growth lies in the Death that precedes:
Flowers dying to make way for the fruit;
Composted nature being a garden’s need;
Branches being pruned for more to follow suit.

The mystery of Life lies in the Birth assumed:
Leaving the chrysalis as the butterfly;
Breath beginning by leaving the womb;
Flowers breaking forth as Spring draws nigh.
The mystery of the God of Spring lies in Who He Is:
Judge, yet Friend to all who draw near;
Lord, yet Father to whom He calls His;
Creator, yet Servant to the world He holds dear.

The mystery of Springtime Easter lies in What Christ Did:
Recognizing our need, He became human;
Dying our death, our guilt He did rid;
Rising victoriously, the path to God He illumined.
The mystery is how Spring brings the Hope from heaven sent:
Delighting in creation’s rebirth, our spirits soar;
Responding to Easter’s call, our hearts repent;
Embracing what is offered, we acknowledge we need more.

The Mystery is that there need be No mystery:
God’s grabbing our attention as we cherish the unfolding of Spring;
He’s extending His love as He has throughout all history;
The only question remaining is what answer we’ll bring;
Will we refuse the call to enter into the mystery;
Or will we accept Him and with the Spring allow our souls to sing.