My wishes for me and you in 2018:



Abide in the Spirit, so faith provides what we need for whatever each day brings;

Be humble in everything, so our perspective always remains right;

Care about the injustices in the world, so we see our role in bringing healing;

Dance and sing whenever we can, so delight courses through our days;

Embrace every good thing, so creativity, excitement, and inspiration mark our minutes;

Forgive often and easily, so grudges do not overcome the potential for joy;

Give generously of our time, skills, money and selves, so we may be blessed by serving others;

Hope continually for peace, so our thinking leads to individual actions which lead to world reactions;

Invite people of diverse backgrounds into our lives, so true community can grow;

Jeer less and cheer more, so hearts will lighten instead of darken;

Know joy in the difficult moments, so its strength enables us to rise despite the burden;

Love abundantly when given the choice, so relationships will not be broken;

Make time for the seemingly little things in life, so all of life can matter;

Never pass up an opportunity to share grace, so we can learn to accept one another in love;

Open ourselves to challenges, so we can experience all life has to offer;

Perceive the beauty all around us and in one another, so gratitude becomes our trademark;

Quell negativity despite circumstances, so hope finds room in our hearts;

Remember that each day is a gift, so our daily choices reflect what we want to leave behind;

Seek purpose in our spheres of living, so our days have meaning;

Tear down walls that separate each other, so unity has a fighting chance;

Understand and accept weaknesses as well as strengths, so we can better value all we have to give;

Value authenticity and truth, so shallow lives do not become our legacy;

Winnow the debris of our hearts, so the goodness within can reign;

Xerox a picture of the type of people we want to be, so it can shape our reality;

Yield desires for rightness in favor of right relationships, so compassion marks whom we are;

Zero in on what truly is important in life, so we all contribute the best of whom we are to this new year.