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Paula is a wife and a mother; a daughter and a sister; and a friend to many.  Her belief is that she was created for joy, and she hopes that when she dies, the world will have felt a little more joy because of her presence.  This blog is her answer to all the friends who have been asking for years that she share the little she knows about cooking, baking and life.

Paula is a cook who believes anyone and everyone can learn how to create recipes for their particular dietary needs if they just have the information they need to do so.  She has years of experience in how to “cook with nothing”, as her children refer to her baking.  When she realized her choices were to either give up cake or learn to make one with no wheat, dairy, eggs or sugar, the decision was simple. Learn how to make a cake with nothing traditionally considered to be necessary, it was!  So, she did!  And she’s been creating culinary delights for her family and friends ever since.

Paula is also a writer who knows the benefits of writing through and in the midst of the challenges life has thrown her way.  Through the good and the bad, she’s found solace, encouragement and conviction through the experience of writing, and she’s tremendously grateful that others continue to be glad that she shares her pieces with them.  Her pieces have been published in a variety of venues from parenting magazines to newpapers to online magazines, and she’s claimed first prize in several writing contests over the continuing years.  She’s currently working on a fictionalized account of a historical court case about a slave girl from Holden, MA.

She invites you now to glean from her experience and experiences as you travel your own journey to “pajama living”.


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